Moe Characters BANK

Japanese Moe characters and those illustrations are distributed to global users, such as game companies, publishers, manufactures, makes and so on. This business service is to make stable supply of Moe illustrations on behalf of your business.

Moe & Design Project Committee (MDPC) organizes Japanese Moe illustrators to support their productions and assist their business activities. WIPH supports business processes for the sake of the illustrators. Buyers ask WIPH to provide Moe illustrations, and WIPH will deliver requested amounts of Moe illustrations based on a contract.

It is very difficult to communicate with Japanese Moe illustrators because of language barriers and information barriers. Through Moe Characters BANK, you can easily reach Japanese high quality Moe illustrators and their illustrations. Besides that, you can buy Japanese high quality Moe illustrations and the copyrights based on business level confidence.

You can click the application below to request your order. A service representative will contact you to confirm your inquiry and ask details of your request.


NOTE: MOE means Japanese style of cute and charming characters. gMOEh is fairly equivalent to gKawaii.h


Moe & Design Project Committee (MDPC)

(Managing Ofiice: TOYO Institute of Art & Design)

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